love at first sight -the untold story

 love at first sight -how it happens -by-gopal singh gurjar 

love at the first sight quotes- 

once upon a time everybody fell down in Love if he/she has a heart this is really true love is really a different experience of heartful human being this is sad love is everywhere in the whole creation of God now i am telling about love of a human you have heard several name from our society whose sacrifice there lives for eachother here i mention some names are popular in indian society lover heer-ranjha,laila-majnu,cleopatra-mark antony,triston-isold,paris and helena,napoleon and joshphin and sevaral and sevral but neednot mention those due to limitation of your intrest once your heart decided for anybody you feel it unconciously this is golden experience of your life 'all spouse are not lover and all lovers are not spouses'this is a lovely irony

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Once upon a time Love introduced into life this is our sweetest day's of whole life now I m going to publish a website for true lovers free of costs there a couple share his/her feelings if you want to share your feelings on World wide Web your privacy is our way of success I launch my website immediately if you want to take this type website plz comment 

Those days i m reads in 10th standered at my patternal village goverment secondary school  i do'nt know about love-sove whatever because i am a sincere student of my school so my teacher's also love me due to behaviour one day our principal announce at prayer ground that goverment going to organised state tournament and representative of our school insure that our school team is best team of state when exercise started and our physical teacher anounce selection with a difficult exam process my name is also in this selection list so i started my preparation and soon concern date is our door soon i get my form due to instruction of our professional physical teacher my team is ready to win tournament which is organised in rural area atmadpur in bharatpur district rajasthan 
the love at first sight
Team of our school and others reached there and tournament going my team growing to win first day i defeat a most popular shekhawati team due to this next day ground is full of mass the game starts and  over and our team again win the jashn of victory is full speed we enjoy fully this movement in those days a trend is traditional running in rural  areas one faimely adopted  one team for lunch aur dinner etc we are  also adupted by mr late atar singh's faimely when we reach their home after finishing workout all member are tired so i call to serve tea or anyother drink replying us mr atar singh call his daughter for serving us  vera 
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she is really a beautiful girl when she introduced herself i am seeing her as a statue she smile and sidelong with me her sidelong is the cause of love at the first sight our body get nerveousness once again she comeback and give me a jug of milk this was really sweetest drink of whole world because it is serve by beloved you know this if u get anything by your beloved's hand u get everythig in anything i feel pain and unbelievable restless body and mind this night i couldnot sleep and roundup here and there in the morning when we are going to workout she come again and tease me goodmorning everybody our tournament going well but my body and mind evrytime fell like something missing before this in my whole i dont suffer of this type pain

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