Indian farmer faimilies-How do they alive

Indian farmer faimilies-How do they alive

importence of Indian farmer faimilies

The indian farmer families  have no ideas about their economocal growth and due to this they have no focus about their eductional social and personality growth so they  born and died in a powerless conditions the indian farmer only give impotence how we do alive
भारतीय किसान अपनी आर्थिक उन्नंती के बारे में कभी भी विचार नहीं करता है इसलिए भारतीय किसान कभी भी अपना ध्यान अपनी शैक्षिक सामाजिक एवं शारीरिक ब्रद्धि की ओर नहीं लगता है परिणाम स्वरुप वह शक्तिहीन स्थति में पैदा होता है और मर जाता है वह सिर्फ इसी को महत्त्व देता है कि गुजारा केसे हो 
At the time of formation of India the economy of the nation was basically an agrarian economy since the developments in industrial and service sectors werw at very low and suppress lavel Even agricultural activities werw qualititatively very poor and the living conditions of agricultural communities were quite pathatic looking to the importance of agriculture in the economy the center goverment impliment several programmes to ensure growth in agriculture production but fail to providing better living condition to the large population whose engaged in agriculture and alied activities agriculture and alied sector activities firstly refers to cultivation of crops animal husbandry fishries and forestry because its endurse to be the largest contributors to the GDP

Indian top 10 farmers families leaders  information

Late Rajesh pilots
Choudhary charan Singh
Vijay Singh pathik
Munshi prem chand
Veer shivaji
Dhirubhai ambani
Apj abdul kalam
Bhagat Singh
Lal Bahadur Shastri
Ballabh Bhai patel

Indian farmer faimilies-How do they alive
Indian farmer faimilies-How do they alive
agriculture in india rainfed and the period of rain is short due unstable weather conditions farmer have to much depend on rainfed and ground water for irrigation allthough several gamechanger efforts have been made in the central for development of agriculture and allied activities it still depend upon the mercy of monsoon in most part of the country as per information of indian metrology department the rain fall pattern inddicate that during current monsoon season the onset monsoon has delay
the production of agriculture in the india largely depend on timely arrival of monsoon and its reularity and adequacy in kharif crop production and productvity not only depends upon the quantum of rainfall but also proper and even distribution of rains over an adequate time span and its intensity
Indian farmer faimilies-How do they alive
Indian farmer faimilies-How do they alive

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farmer families welfare pradhanmantri krishi sinchai yojna 

PMKSY has been concieved as an amalgamation of ongoing scheme  by  central goverment accilerated irrigation benifit programe intrgrated watershed management programme and the onfarm water management PMKSY is being implemented in the all state since 2015-16 the funding of this scheme between center and state goverment is 60:40 this scheme is more benifitable for farmer faimilies

Red Fort Of India-Bayana Fort

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